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Extension Method In C# | MVC | Asp.net


An extension method has simplified calling syntax. It represents static methods as instance methods. An extension method uses the (this) keyword in its parameter list. It must be located in a static class.

Example: We are putting name as “IT@Pathsala#”


public static class SpecialWord
        public static string RemoveWord(this string value)

            if (value.Length > 0)
                string[] Listofwords = { "?", "@", "#", "!", "^" };

                for (int i = 0; i < Listofwords.Length; i++)
                    if (value.Contains(Listofwords[i]))
                        value = value.Replace(Listofwords[i], "-");

                return value;
            return value;



Output : IT-Pathsala


1. An extension method will never be called if it has the same signature as a method defined in the type.
2. An extension method must be defined in a top-level static class.
3. An extension method with the same name and signature as an instance method will not be called.
4. Extension methods cannot be used to override existing methods.
5. The concept of extension methods cannot be applied to fields, properties or events.
6. Overuse of extension methods is not a good style of programming.

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