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Get manager name in employee table mostly asked in interview question

Mostly this question asked by interviewer to find the manager name of employee in employee table.

Today I am going to describe how to write the query to find the manager name of employee.

At first I am creating an Employee table and insert some dummy records into it. Please refer to the  CREATE and INSERT statements below:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Employee](
	[EmployeeId] [int] NULL,
	[EmployeeName] [varchar](50) NULL,
	[ManagerId] [int] NULL

Insert some data in table

INSERT [dbo].[Employee] ([EmployeeId], [EmployeeName], [ManagerId]) VALUES (1, N'Sudhanshu Ranjan', 7)
INSERT [dbo].[Employee] ([EmployeeId], [EmployeeName], [ManagerId]) VALUES (2, N'Ravi Ranjan', 1)
INSERT [dbo].[Employee] ([EmployeeId], [EmployeeName], [ManagerId]) VALUES (3, N'Shashi', 1)
INSERT [dbo].[Employee] ([EmployeeId], [EmployeeName], [ManagerId]) VALUES (4, N'Amit', 9)
INSERT [dbo].[Employee] ([EmployeeId], [EmployeeName], [ManagerId]) VALUES (5, N'Nilesh Dubey', 7)
INSERT [dbo].[Employee] ([EmployeeId], [EmployeeName], [ManagerId]) VALUES (6, N'Ananta Patra', 2)
INSERT [dbo].[Employee] ([EmployeeId], [EmployeeName], [ManagerId]) VALUES (7, N'Arun Gupta', 9)
INSERT [dbo].[Employee] ([EmployeeId], [EmployeeName], [ManagerId]) VALUES (8, N'Pankaj', 9)
INSERT [dbo].[Employee] ([EmployeeId], [EmployeeName], [ManagerId]) VALUES (9, N'Niraj Roy', 7)
INSERT [dbo].[Employee] ([EmployeeId], [EmployeeName], [ManagerId]) VALUES (10, N'Suman', NULL)

Employee table data

Now we have some data in table.

Here is SQL Query to find the manager name.

SELECT A.EmployeeName AS 'Employee Name',B.EmployeeName AS 'Manager Name' FROM Employee AS A LEFT JOIN Employee AS B
ON B.EmployeeId=A.ManagerId

In above query we are using left join to find the manager name.


I hope this post would be helpful for you. Please feel free to leave your comments below in case if you have any suggestion or if you have better optimized solution.

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