Microsft online test question for Dotnet -2

10 July 2016 Sudhanshu Ranjan 1.95k

Microsft online test question for 2016 test.


What is the difference between UNION and UNION ALL?

20 May 2016 Sudhanshu Ranjan 1.33k

UNION and UNION ALL both are merged the data of two different tables in single table. UNION display only the unique data in both table whereas UNION ALL display duplicate data also. Column name should be match on both table...More


What is c#?

17 May 2016 Sudhanshu Ranjan 1.21k

C# (C-Sharp) is programming language its developed by Microsoft. Using this language we can create different type of applications like console application, windows application and web application. Its follow the Oops concepts like Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism.


Microsft online test question for Dotnet -1

16 May 2016 Sudhanshu Ranjan 1.36k

Microsft online test question for 2016 test.


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